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In my last post I introduced a new series of posts I'm working on called Written in Stone. Since I began my WIS series with pithing a live frog, I thought I would lighten the tone with a little humor in this post. Pinterest Buzzfeed Pinterest Pinterest Google Pinterest Google Google Google Google And last, one for my brother, the engineer, from his sister, the geologist: Pinterest Future Geologist and Future Engineer Smith's Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada Summer, 1955 © M. Louise (MacBeath)…

Sarah Person
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There’s more to Red Nose Day than top TV. This year, the charity has unveiled a selection of 16 once-in-lifetime prizes, all of which are available to bid on or win for £10 per entry until 15th April. From a private tour of the Natural History Museum with Sir David Attenborough to afternoon tea with the cast of The Crown, here’s everything that’s up for grabs – and all for such a good cause…

Dana DeRose