Colour psychology

Explore the fascinating world of colour psychology and learn how different hues can influence emotions and behaviors. Discover the secrets to creating a harmonious and impactful environment using the psychology of color.
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Colors and emotions go hand in hand when it comes to choosing your brand colors and building a website! This is where color psychology comes in - using colors and the emotions they evoke can be a powerful marketing tool for your small business. I created this color psychology infographic to help you see what colors evoke which emotions. Don't forget to check out my full article for more fascinating insights into color psychology and colors and emotions!

Mareike Bach
The psychology 
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Colour psychology is the study of how certain colours can impact upon human behaviour. When designing digital products and services, it’s critically important to consider the emotions users may associate with certain colours. For example, red is associated with a warning or danger due to its colour relating to the colour of blood. Other colours can be more subjective and may only have an emotional significance to a certain type of user.

Richard Lim