Colour harmony

Learn how to achieve colour harmony in your home with these expert tips and ideas. Discover the perfect colour combinations to create a beautiful and balanced space that reflects your personal style.
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Learn color theory and how to choose colors that work well together: with the color wheel, color harmonies and color palettes. #colortheory

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Creating Color HarmonyPutting together harmonious color combinations begins with understanding how we see colors and the relationships of each hue to one another.

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The swap is full. About a month ago Jennifer over at Ellison Lane Quilts started up a new round of her Rainbow Charm Swap. I missed the boat and was feeling a bit sorry for myself, but then I decided to just start up my own swap. Jennifer gave me the green light to use her idea and also gave me a few pointers along the way. This swap will be based on the color wheel--one of my favorite sources of quilting inspiration. I made this quilt about a year ago with the color wheel in mind and look…

Lori L.
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Last week we blogged about ways to choose a colour theme for effective graphic design, and since then, we have been getting a lot of queries. So we decided to take it a step ahead, and provide you with a colour combination cheat sheet. Of course, there is nothing right or wrong, and most of