Coiled fabric basket

Discover unique and stylish ways to create coiled fabric baskets for your home. Get inspired and start making your own beautiful and functional baskets today.

Wrap it! Hello Dear Friends and Readers, There are always many ways to approach any project and this is no exception. There are other ways of commencing this covered rope project. For example, some people will cut their fabrics specifically for this project. They may prefer to have it all in the same fabric. There … Continue reading Wrap it! →

Renee Sonnichsen
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Some of you have asked how to make the Chunky Rope Baskets that I have blogged about in the is a tutorial that I hope will help reveal some of the mystery of constructing them. This is a completely self taught please forgive me if my instructions are unclear. But I say that to say there's no real rules here...just play with it and have fun. Please let me know if you have any questions...I'm happy to help. First start by purchasing 1" Cotton Cording...listed below…

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