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Take a break from your daily routine and indulge in these entertaining coffee games. Challenge your friends or relax on your own while enjoying a cup of your favorite brew.
Coffee Talk Is a Chill Story Game with a Twist Complete The Story, Pixel Art Background, Coffee Games, Coffee Talk, Vampires And Werewolves, Indie Game, Story Games, Game Background, Weird Creatures

Coffee Talk is an indie game hailing from Toge Productions, with a '90s anime aesthetic and an overall chill atmosphere. You play as a barista in an alternate present day, where humans are just one of many races wandering the world. Elves, orcs, succubi, vampires, and werewolves (to name a few) all exist here, and all pop in at least once to your character's late-night, Seattle-based coffee shop.

Lillium ♡
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