Coffee cup sizes

Discover the perfect coffee cup size to enjoy your favorite brew. From small and cozy to large and indulgent, find the ideal cup size for your coffee cravings.
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Have you ever wondered why you have to order a tall, grande, or venti latte at Starbucks, instead of the standard small, medium, and large? The sizes actually have a history behind them.

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Do you know how much coffee is in a grande cup at Starbucks? Or what size the trenta is? Check out this guide to Starbucks sizes and learn how much coffee each one holds. Plus, find out which size is best for you! #coffeedaily #coffeevibes #coffeesesh #coffeebreak #coffeeprops #coffeecoffeecoffee #coffeeoftheday #coffeebrewing #coffeelove #coffeemug #coffeetable #coffeeroaster #coffeebar

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