Coconut sugar recipes

Indulge in guilt-free desserts with these delicious coconut sugar recipes. Discover how to use coconut sugar to create healthier and satisfying treats that will satisfy your sweet tooth.
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Is coconut sugar actually healthy? Get ready to bust some myths about social media’s favorite natural sugar alternative: coconut sugar! While coconut sugar has been labelled by popular culture as a natural and healthy alternative to sugar, is that actually the truth? In this post, let’s find out!

Florence Sutherland
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Gluten-free flour plus a mixture of whipped eggs and sugar help keep the texture both light and fudgy at the same time. Makes sure to use a really good cocoa powder. I haven't tested with natural yet. So far I've only made these with Rodelle brand Dutch. For the chips I've tested with Guittard semisweet and Nestle's new "dark" chips.

Hannah Kaehr
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These Healthy Pecan Pie Bars are rich, chewy, crunchy, and of course delicious! Made with a shortbread like almond flour crust and a gooey maple syrup sweetened pecan filling, these easy bars are the perfect holiday dessert. They taste just like the classic pie, but without any of the corn syrup and much less effort needed. Gluten free & dairy free too!

Brandi Edwards