Coconut slice

Indulge in the tropical flavors of coconut with these mouthwatering coconut slice recipes. From classic to creative variations, find the perfect treat to satisfy your sweet tooth today.
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Easy One Bowl Coconut Lemon Slice - No Mixer

One Bowl Coconut Lemon slice is exactly that, very quick to put together using just one bowl and baked in 25 minutes ready for morning, or afternoon tea or, to take on a picnic. It's finished with a lemony icing that brings the whole slice together. The texture is soft, moist and delicious.

Emma Davies
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Raspberry Coconut Jam Slice

This raspberry coconut jam slice might be a classic recipe, but it tastes as good as ever. It starts with a sweet shortcrust pastry base, and is then topped with raspberry jam and finished with a layer of chewy coconut.

Jill Campbell