Clean sterling silver

Learn the best methods to clean your sterling silver jewelry and bring back its shine. Discover easy tips and tricks to keep your silver looking beautiful for years to come.
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. Hello there my fellow jewelry lovers! . Today we are diving into the world of jewelry upkeep, more specifically, sterling silver jewelry upkeep – a favorite of many. We all love it for its affordability, versatility, and endless style options. However, silver jewelry is also notorious for tarnishing, which can be pretty frustrating. But don't worry, there are ways to prevent it from happening! . So, first things first, why does sterling silver tarnish? Well, it’s all due to the fact that…

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I just discovered how to clean silver naturally and easily without using harsh chemicals, store-bought silver polish or a ton of elbow grease! I’m really excited about this. You can see from my photo below I desperately needed some help here! This was my mom’s vase, a wedding present to her and my dad many...Read More »

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Sterling silver isn't pure (pure silver is known as fine silver) but rather an alloy that contains about 10 percent of another metal, such as copper. Silver is actually a very soft metal, so it's combined with other metals to make it...

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