Citizen science

Discover how you can actively participate in scientific research as a citizen scientist. Contribute valuable data and make a meaningful impact on various fields of study.
A Scientist's Guide to Citizen Science.... A way for amateurs to help/contribute to scientific projects: counting lobsters, collecting weather data, determinating spread of exotic species, so much more.. Science Projects, Citizen Science, Science Chemistry, Science Education, Science Contest, Science, Secondary Science, Ecology Unit, Steam Activities

A Scientist's Guide to Citizen Science: The wonderful rouzejp was kind enough to translate this guide into French. Read it here! Le merveilleux rouzejp a eu la gentillesse de traduire ce guide en français. Lisez-le ici! Citizen science is all the rage right now, as it should be! However…

Citizen Science: 14 Ways Your Family Can Explore and Document Wildlife in Your Own Backyard via @eco_novice Pre K, Science Experiments, Life Science, Ale, Ideas, Science Projects, Identify Plant, Nature Activities, Nature Education

Interested in taking your family's connection to nature to the next level? Check out these opportunities to participate in Citizen Science: a way for anyone of any age or ability level to participate in data collection for real science about the natural world. Whether you want to help save a species, enlist experts to help you identify plants and animals, provide data for real science, provide your child or students with a meaningful educational experience, or simply engage your tech-savvy…

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Become a community scientist in 3 steps and help research : Life Kit : NPR Science Projects, Research, Child Bullying, Citizen Science, Community, Scientist, Coping Strategies, History Museum, Natural History

From the songs of sparrows outside your apartment window to the purple crocuses bursting into bloom in a nearby park – all that nature you're observing could actually be helpful to scientists. Here's a step-by-step guide to becoming a community scientist.

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