Christmas Party

Get ready to host the ultimate Christmas party with these fun and festive ideas. From decorations to games, discover everything you need to make your party a hit.
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With all the terrible bushfires here last summer, it never felt right to post about trivial stuff when so much bigger things were going on. So only now do I feel it's appropriate to share our Annual Girls Christmas Dinner from last year, which is always one of my favourite nights.

Christmas cookie workshop! (icing is in cups with popsicle sticks for spreading) perfect to do with all of the kids in the family this year! | best stuff Desserts, Dessert, Parties, Holiday Cookies Christmas, Christmas Baking, Christmas Treats, Christmas Food, Holiday Treats, Holiday Cookies

These 25 Kid Friendly Christmas Activities can either be done by the kiddos alone, or with some parental help - but always with supervision. Five words: glue, glitter, and pom poms. Don't ever trust them with glitter. My boys adore Christmas! Somehow my innate love for Halloween got eclipsed by a Christmas tree. It'll happen....

Amber Abel