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Explore the talent and passion of Christian singers and be uplifted by their powerful music. Find your favorite artists and songs that will touch your heart and strengthen your faith.
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One man's unexpected rendition of the timeless hymn Amazing Grace has captivated audiences worldwide. Dan Vasc, a renowned heavy metal singer, showcased his extraordinary vocal talents in a recently shared video that has left viewers in awe. Traditionally, hymns are associated with church choirs or artists rooted in country and gospel music. However, Dan's unconventional

Charlotte Dailey
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When folks think of Grand Saline, many things come to mind. First, of course, is the giant natural salt dome that rests below the town. It is said there is enough salt there to feed the world for 20,000 years. Heck, the town even boasts the only building in North America constructed entirely of salt. Other people might think of it as the birthplace of aviation pioneer Wiley Post. Or maybe they’ve heard of its storied high school football program. But the one thing Grand Saline could and…

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Matthew West: A Talented Musician with a Message of Hope - In the vast landscape of contemporary Christian music, Matthew West stands out as a seasoned singer-songwriter whose music resonates deeply with listeners. With his unique blend of catchy melodies,

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Shy Teen Sweeps “The Voice” Judges Off Their Feet With 'His Eye Is On The Sparrow' Nineteen-year-old singer Somer Smith was excited but extremely nervous when she found out that she was selected to perform in the blind auditions for The Voice: Australia. Believe it or not, she had only sung in front of her

Yvonne Phelps
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Sarah Darling and Guy Penrod are both gospel music superstars with enviable solo careers. However, when the two came together on the 2013 ICMA Awards stage, the audience was in for a simply goosebump-worthy performance. The song they are revamping is Penrod’s 2010 release “Knowing What I Know About Heaven.” The tune was composed by

Helmut Welzel
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Kelly Clarkson, American Idol superstar, and Josh Groban, a multi-platinum chart-topper, are both loved by music aficionados all across the globe for their incredible voices. But when the two teams up together, we’re left speechless. In this haunting performance, Clarkson and Groban pay tribute to one of the most famed musicals ever written - The

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