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Discover the beauty of Chinese script tattoos and find inspiration for your own unique design. Explore the rich symbolism and profound meaning behind each character, and create a timeless piece of body art that tells your story.
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Small calligraphy pieces in Chinese on fine paper. Size 17" tall by 11" wide. Custom requests available for calligraphy to be created for different occasions, in various fonts and styles. For inquiries, send text messages to MrJerryTAO at (442)444-0874. Description of sample calligraphy pieces: 1. Horizontal: “Business success around the world” 2. Vertical: “Business success around the world” 3. Font style (1) cursive script: “Business success around the world” 4. Font style (2) running…

Justin Hanley
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This chapter will provide an overview of the study of Chinese calligraphy; it will feature the early history, evolution, and formation of Chinese characters; and it will show case proper posture for sitting and standing and, finally, brush-holding techniques. Part I. Culture 1 Introduction Calligraphy is much, much more than literally applying brush strokes to paper.