Chilli prawn pasta

Spice up your pasta game with these mouthwatering chilli prawn pasta recipes. Discover how to create a flavorful dish that will leave you craving for more.
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This flavour-packed 20-minute chilli garlic prawn pasta (shrimp) is the perfect comfort food with a delightful kick for those busy weeknights.In this recipe, the pasta is cooked to perfection (al dente) and tossed in a mouthwatering spicy tomato-based sauce packed with succulent prawns bursting with flavour.

Georgia Allen
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Here’s a simple date night or mid-week recipe that’s quick, easy and packed with flavour! INGREDIENTS 2 tbs olive oil 16 medium/large raw prawns, with tails on 300g chorizo sausages, casing removed 1 small red onion, thinly sliced 400g pasta such as linguine or spaghetti 3-4 cloves garlic,

Jonathan Glanz
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Lemony chilli prawn tagliatelle A delicious combination of lemon, chilli, garlic tomato and prawns to make a show-stopping pasta dish! 10 mins 15 mins 438 kcals serves 4 LEMONY CHILLI PRAWN TAGLIATELLE I honestly think that one of the best flavour combinations in the world is that of chilli/lemon/garlic, and it goes so beautifully with

Johan Lightfoot Hannah