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Build a cost-effective, durable homemade chicken feeder and simplify your poultry care routine! Our guide provides 15 homemade DIY chicken feeder ideas to ensure your flock's environment remains clean and well-fed. These homemade chicken feeder ideas utilize recycled materials and offer a range of feeder types, including automatic systems, to streamline your chicken care tasks. Maintaining a chicken coop involves more than just regular cleaning; it's about ensuring efficient meat production…

Roy Paul
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I made this chicken feeder. It is made out of 1 piece of 3 inch pipe 2 end caps and one 90° elbow. I cut a 1.5 foot piece off one end and drilled 1.75 inch holes with a door knob style hole cutter. I fit them together and stuck it through the hole in the chicken wire resting it on the bottom. I attached it to the 2"x4" with a metal strap with a piece of 1"x3"x 4" spacer made of scrap wood. I put a handle on the top of the top end cap.for easy removal and easy filling. Chickens are already…

Mercedes Hedrick
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Before leaving on a 10-day camping trip, I filled up the water dish for the chickens…and grumbled the entire time. I really wanted some kind of large reservoir…so the online research began! Here’s how I built an automatic chicken waterer.

Anna Sernawit