Chestnut trees

Explore the beauty and benefits of chestnut trees with our guide. Learn about different varieties, planting and care tips, and how to enjoy the delicious chestnut harvest.
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The chestnut tree is not only beautiful but can live to be over a thousand years old. In addition to providing luxurious shade, the chestnut tree’s nuts are a reliable food source that can sustain people for extended periods and some species of the chestnut tree also get very large. The ancient chestnut tree is […]

Kimberley Kaiser-Collins
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The large and colorful horse-chestnut trees are in full bloom now at my Bedford, New York farm. Every year around this time, the horse-chestnuts, Aesculus, burst with gorgeous pink flower clusters. I have a pair of these handsome trees at one end of my long Boxwood Allee just outside my stable. I also have a

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