Cheese and wine table ideas

Elevate your next gathering with these creative cheese and wine table ideas. Discover unique ways to display and pair your favorite cheeses and wines for a memorable experience.
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If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I’m really into charcuterie/cheese/food boards, trays, and tables lately. It’s become one of my favorite art forms recently. I think it’s because the process of arranging is relaxing to me, it makes for pretty pictures, then of course the best part is EATING IT! I get tons of questions about these boards, so I wanted to share everything I could with you! I love doing savory and sweet in the same display. You ensure that everyone…

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Between work and my boys, I was in desperate need for a girls night. So I decided to host a holiday wine and cheese party. I asked all the girls to bring a bottle of wine to share for a wine tasting competition. We numbered brown paper bags and did a blind taste test, ranking each bottle on these little score cards I made. Winner got a surprise little gift from me. For food, I wanted to make it interactive. I'm of course obsessed with all things cheese, and with all the fun flavors I found…

Maegan Sutton