Chauvet cave

Unveil the mysteries of Chauvet Cave and its breathtaking paintings. Discover the ancient artistry and immerse yourself in the captivating world of prehistoric masterpieces.
Lions painted in the Chauvet Cave 35,000 years ago . Art, Tapestry, Hanging, Wall, Wall Hanging, Wall Tapestry, Tapestry Wall Hanging

The Cave Lion was about 10% bigger than the African lion. The cave lion is known from Paleolithic cave paintings, ivory carvings, and clay figurines. These representations indicate that cave lions had rounded, protruding ears, tufted tails, possibly faint tiger-like stripes, and that at least some had a ruff or primitive mane around their neck, indicating males. The cave lion received its common name because large quantities of its remains are found in caves, but it is doubtful whether they…

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Ardèche - Chauvet Cave  paintings  (discovered 1994)  Paleolithic 40,000-10,000 BCE. Copie ouverte au public depuis ce Printemps 2015 Art, Fruit

By Charles Kessler The other day, I saw Werner Herzog’s new 3-D movie about the Chauvet cave paintings — Cave of Forgotten Dreams (now playing at IFC in New York). The Times reviewer doesn’t agree, but I thought it was a terrible movie: the 3-D effects will give you a headache (especially scenes shot in the cramped spaces of the cave), the music is an obnoxious distraction, there are too many irrelevant, sometimes silly, interruptions, and the movie is self-indulgent and heavy-handed —…

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