Charlie carver

Learn more about the talented actor Charlie Carver and his journey to success in Hollywood. Discover his latest projects and see why he is a rising star to watch out for.
Tyler Hoechlin, Charlie Carver and Max Carver on the set of Teen Wolf Season3B! Teen Wolf Cast, Films, Supernatural, Marvel, Teen Wolf Season 6b, Teen Wolf Season 3, Teen Wolf Seasons, Teen Wolf Twins, Season 3

Charlie Carver (Charles Carver Martensen) is an American actor who portrayed Ethan on MTV's Teen Wolf in Season 3 and Season 6. Carver was born just before midnight on July 31, 1988 - seven minutes before his brother Max. Due to the timing, the twins have different birth dates. Before they began acting professionally, they were known as Max and Charlie Martensen. Carver’s father, Robert Martensen, is an author and medical researcher in history at the National Institutes of Health. In 1992…

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