Character with wings

Unlock the enchanting world of characters with wings and let your imagination soar. Discover top ideas to bring these magical beings to life and add a touch of fantasy to your stories.
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A collection of writing prompts, dialogue prompts, character sheets and world building tips gathered by yours truly. Sometimes I may also write a story underneath as well, but the whole point of this book is to inspire you and break your writer's block. So please take a look and enjoy, and if you would like to submit a prompt/tip please sent it to me over Wattpad DM's, if I add it to the story I will include your @ underneath! Enjoy!

Marliese Edgerly

A character design project I made for 3DTotal's new book! It's a lovely book to read through and you can check it out here~ The book features a slightly different set of art, but I wanted to share bits here that give a different look into my process throughout the creation. The brief was to design a 'winged superherione'

Ana Iova