Ceramic fiber

Explore the endless possibilities of ceramic fiber and unleash your creativity. Discover how to incorporate ceramic fiber into your art and design projects for stunning results.
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Vase 696 is an extraordinary contemporary work that combines ceramic and fiber creating an intriguing juxtaposition. Made by American artist Karen Gayle Tinney, the fiber components are incorporated where the ceramic leaves off. The white color glaze is hand-painted to create a finished surface with depth and texture

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Melding Two Crafts, Caroline Harrius Embroiders Ceramic Vessels | Colossal Tela, Art, Textile Art, Ceramic Art, Contemporary Art, Textile Sculpture, Art Design, Ceramic Artwork, Modern Crafts

Stockholm-based ceramicist Caroline Harrius (previously) embroiders vases with floral patterns that explore the relationships between gender and craft and decoration and purpose. Distorting perceptions, the delicate pieces appear as though Harrius wrapped stitched fibers around a glazed vessel, or in a parallel manner, sculpted fabric to mimic a curved form. Harrius punctures the shiny, semi-functional vases with holes and then pulls through threads to produce patterns and floral motifs that…

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