Cat scratchers

Keep your furry friend entertained and protect your furniture with the best cat scratchers. Discover a variety of options to satisfy your cat's scratching needs and promote their overall well-being.
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Title: Cat-e-Corner: The Ultimate Cat-Friendly Side Table | Hilde & Phil Meta Description: Discover Cat-e-Corner by Hilde & Phil – the innovative side table designed for cat lovers. Protect your sofa from scratches while providing a fun and natural scratching space for your feline friend. Our stylish, modular design fits any sofa and enhances your living room décor. Sign up now for an exclusive launch discount! Keywords: Cat-e-Corner, cat-friendly furniture, sofa protection, cat scratching…

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Starting off, making a cat scratching post can save you money and is a fun project. I found out that with a bit of time and some basic materials, you can make something that your cat will love. I used to watch my cat claw at furniture. That's when I decided to build a scratching post myself. It was a way to keep my cat happy and protect my furniture at the same time. In the process, I learned quite a bit about what cats like. For example, they prefer certain materials and heights. I tried…

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Package Content: you will get 2 pieces furniture protectors from cats, enough to meet your needs and replacement, you can also share them with family and friends who raise pets Safe Material: our cat furniture protector is made of quality bamboo and non woven fabric, non toxic and strong, not easy to break, can well resistant to your cat's claws to protect your furniture; But you still need to check the product before using it Anti Slip Design: the bottom of the cat scratch deterrent for…

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