Cat feeding station dog proof

Ensure your cat's meals are safe from curious dogs with these creative cat feeding station ideas. Discover how to create a dog-proof feeding area that will keep your cat happy and well-fed.
Dog proof cat food feeder from Ikea pieces @ $80 for two pieces to make the roomy feeder! Ikea, Cat Feeding Station Dog Proof, Cat Litter Box, Cat Feeding Station, Pet Feeding Station, Litter Box, Dog Feeding Station, Cat Feeder, Cat Feeder Diy

We just added two kittens to our family. I have resisted cats for a while, as I am a dog person really, but I have to admit it has been a fairly easy and amusing adjustment. Except for one thing. The dog loves the kitty food. He is a good dog, but training him to stay out of the cat food seemed like a pretty hard thing when buying a dog proof cat feeder seemed like an easy thing. Except they cannot be bought. I found one I liked on the internet, but alas and alack it isn't available anywhere…

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I have an old dresser; therefore, I have a pet station!!  1. Put dog food in lower drawer (Lined with plastic trash bag) 2. Keep cat food in a cute vintage tin on top. 3. Keep brushes, toys and meds in small baskets inside other drawers. 4. Hang shelves above and store treats in vintage tins or glass jars. Love it! Storage Ideas, Upcycling, Diy, Boxers, Pet Feeding Station, Feeding Station, Cat Feeding Station, Pet Station, Dog Feeding Station

For as long as I have had pet I have had issues related to feeding them. What are my issues you ask? Dog bowls being too low to the ground, dog bowls moving all over the ground, finding empty dog bowls all over the house, not finding the dog bowl (my dogs like to carry them around and hide them), not having any convenient place to store the big ugly green bag of Costco dog food, the ugly-ness of the big plastic food dispensers and of course the dogs getting into the cat's food. After years…

Tales from a Sears House: Dog-Proof Cat Feeding Station Dog Houses, Cat Feeding Station Dog Proof, Cat Feeder Dog Proof, Dog Feeding Station, Cat Litter Box, Cat Feeder, Cat Feeding Station, Pet Food Station, Diy Dog Stuff

As soon as we got our yellow Lab, Jodie, I knew we were going to have a cat food problem. Like most cats, Pax likes to eat when he wants to, so we always left dry food out for him all day and gave him canned food in the morning and at night. But he didn't even wolf that down--sometimes it was still half eaten a few hours after we put it out for him. And of course dogs love cat food because it's rich and smells so delightfully nasty. So I did the thing that I never thought I would do...the…

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