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First one of the year, no. 28 Background: Situated in the lush valley of Estuarn (In the Realm of Enoch), between the Harp & Hypon Rivers, sits the magnificent Ghadyn Manor. Though a royal family does not live here, the Manor remains guarded heavily, leaving guests wondering what secrets are held inside its walls… 99% cardboard 1% foam board Time it took me to make: 3 days

Queen of Brickshire
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My third graders are doing simple machines in science class, which matches up perfectly with the next unit I wanted to do with them! I've been wanting to build castles with a grade, so I figured this would be the perfect class to do it with...we could incorporate simple machines in our draw bridge! I've seen numerous examples of these floating around Pinterest, but most of them use just cardboard tubes of different sizes to create a princess-like castle. I did a little research on castles…

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