Carrie underwood songs

Explore the best Carrie Underwood songs that have captivated audiences worldwide. From powerful ballads to energetic anthems, these songs showcase Carrie Underwood's incredible talent and versatility. Listen to these iconic tracks and experience the magic of Carrie Underwood's music.
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Miranda Lambert & Carrie Underwood Co-Star In Badass 'Somethin' Bad' Video

Miranda Lambert changed the game of country music when she enlisted fellow superstar Carrie Underwood to guest star on her badass single, "Somethin' Bad." The video for the rebellious hit debuted on the heels of the powerhouse duo's explosive performance at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards. The video for "Somethin' Bad" takes you on a Thelma & Louise style adventure, complete with a bank heist. While the details of their law-bending night are kept on the vague side, what is clear is that…

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