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Elevate your party decorations with creative cardboard cutout ideas that will bring your event to life. Discover how to make your own custom cutouts and add a unique touch to any celebration.
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Celebrity Crush Cardboard Cutout: Every year I strive to make my wife something unique and special for her birthday. As with anything homemade, sometimes these gifts turn out like I expect, and other times... not so much. This years gift, however, I just knew was go…

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Scaring People With a Cardboard Cutout of Myself: So the other day i was bored as heck, and i thought to myself: "Hey Dominik, you're bored as heck!" (yes my thoughts are THAT complicated). Earlier that day i had discovered, that my younger sister was wearing one of my (My) T-Shirts again. There wa…

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About this item Cardboard Standee Details: Standing size is 45"W x 72"H. Cardboard cutouts are shipped flat and come with pre-scored lines and fold-out flaps, making assembly easy and quick. Durable and Reusable: Made from high-quality, sturdy cardboard, our cutouts are built to last. They can easily be stored and reused for countless occasions, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment. When not in use, cardboard cutouts can be conveniently stored flat to save space. This allows them to be reused for…

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Danny DeVito Life Size Cutout Plastic Model 3mm digital printed plastic model. Danny DeVito Life Size Cutout Plastic Model 147cm The knight is close, does not take up space. It can stand on it's own. One piece ready to use. No assembly required. It is not a paper or cardboard. It is plastic. It is a special cut. Decoupage from the sides. It is flexible and durable production. It is a personalized product, no returns. Amazing Cardboard Cutout Black Silhouette for Your Customers, Friends…

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At Celebrity-Cutouts we have an unbelievable range of Celebrities to suit every occasion. Our cutouts really enhance an event - to bring humour, as a practical joke or for photo-opportunities. And they make fantastic gifts for celebrity fans too. Our cutouts are lifesize up to a maximum height of 6' 3" (190.5cm) which is as large as we can produce. Taller Celebrities are reduced to this height. Mini's stand approximately 1' 9” (60cm) high x 0.68’ (21cm) maximum width. Exclusive Designs…

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DIY Life Size Cardboard Cutouts : I always see giant cardboard cutouts at stores and can't help but want one. Companies always overprice them which made my dream of having a giant Bob Ross out of my reach. That was until I decided to take matter into my own hands and figure out the …

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