Cardboard boat

Explore unique and creative designs for cardboard boats that will float your imagination. Get inspired to build your own cardboard boat and set sail on an adventure.
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How to Make a Cardboard Boat: The purpose of these Instructables is to guide people on what they can do when they are trapped in their home with a flash flood and have to escape from there. This instruction included clear steps and graphics. To make this boat float, design and s…

Ashly Rodriguez

AHOY! Cardboard Boat for Racing: Have you ever thought of doing something many think couldn’t or shouldn’t be done? Of course you have, that is why you are here on! I was proposed with the following challenge: Build a vessel OUT OF CARDBOARD capable of supporting…

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Cardboard and Duct Tape Boat: Materials 2 bike boxes box cutter lots of duct tape (we used 7 rolls) Gorilla Glue Semi or High Gloss exterior paint (for base color and decoration) paint brushes tape measure markers scale (for determining the passenger and boat's mass to then …