Camping birthday

Celebrate your birthday in the great outdoors with these unique camping party ideas. From fun activities to delicious treats, create memories that will last a lifetime.
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One Happy Camper: A Camp-Themed First Birthday

I love nature so I threw my son a One Happy Camper - a camp-themed first birthday party. Read on to get your own inspiration and ideas.

Katie Orwig
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Camping First Birthday Party

I didn’t really have a theme in mind early on for my son’s first birthday party and was open to any ideas that crossed my path. I had originally thought about doing a cars theme, not th…

Marina Williams
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Camping Birthday Party

Although nothing can match the experience of camping in the wilderness, a camping-themed party lets your kids enjoy some of the most charming elements of nature from the comfort of your backyard or living room. Take a stroll through these templates, supplies and camping party ideas and see how easy it is to bring the great outdoors into your home.

Cynthia Leon
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Backyard Campout Party Inspiration - 3 Little Greenwoods

Since both of our boys have birthdays only one week apart, we have always combined their parties into one. Doing this has saved our family time, money, and (most importantly) stress! But as the boys have grown older they have begun to want to do their own thing. Having two separate birthday parties would make for one sad

Giavonna Willey
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Happy Campers Birthday Party

We had a party so it's time to hop back on the blog! We celebrated our (mostly) happy campers on the 15th and I'm SO pleased with their party outcome... but not for reasons you'd think! I hardly bought anything for their camping themed birthday bash... I used Christmas decorations for the most part! Aside from getting in our garage attic mid-August it was a huge win! I even convinced Matt to set up our Christmas tree. Such a good sport. :) We had a great time swimming and eating Mexian…

Kelli Tucker