Camo birthday party

Plan a unique and exciting camo birthday party with these creative ideas. From decorations to activities, make your celebration unforgettable with a touch of camouflage.
of:  -TNT bundles (licorice with a printable wrapped around them) -Gunpowder (Pixie Sticks)  -Land Mines (Cheez-It Crackers)  -Ammunition (Olives & Jelly Beans)  -Orange Grenades (Cuties)  -Brownie Bombs (Brownie Bites)  -Green Gatorade & Water for the "Hydration Station"  -Explosives (PopRocks- these were the favors and I forgot to get a picture of them- boo!) Ideas, Food Label, Winter, Wonderland, Printables, Food Labels, Hydration Station, Blog, Free

If you've stuck around the blog at all for the past couple years, then you know that right around this time of year is always when I start posting birthday party posts! One of my favorite things ever during the year is planning and putting on a fun birthday party just for my son. He comes up with the theme and then we both work on coming up with fun ideas for it to bring it to life! And this year had to be extra 'cool' because he was turning double digits. It took him a while to come up with…