Cake decorating classes

Take your cake decorating skills to the next level with these top classes. Learn new techniques, tips, and tricks to create stunning and delicious cakes that will impress everyone.
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Today is an exciting day!! As many of you know, I. LOVE. CAKE. From baking to decorating to (of course) eating it, cake will always be my favorite dessert. As a self-taught baker, over the years I have learned a LOT (i.e. failed a lot), and picked up so many tips and tricks along the way....Read More

Jenn Shamo
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I started hobby baking from home in 2012 while working in an office as an Owners Corporation Manager. Wow, that was over 9 years ago! After a year of doing that and totally loving it, I took the plunge and opened Don't Tell Charles Coffee & Desserts - a specialty coffee and dessert house. Mind you, when we opened I only knew how to make macarons and cupcakes.

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Six months ago I decided to try out a new hobby: cake decorating. Learning to decorate cakes is something that has always interested me. It seemed like a fun, creative outlet, and yummy too--I'm a sucker for anything sweet. Plus, baking is my jam. I've shared before that I don't love to cook, but I

Angela Jones
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Preparing for teaching the classes takes some organization and planning and I’ve learned a few tips over the years which have helped things run smoothly, so in case you’re interested in teaching cookie decorating, I'm sharing the tips which have helped the most.

Amanda Johnson