Buttery pizza crust recipe

Discover a buttery pizza crust recipe that will make your homemade pizza taste just like a pizzeria. Follow our step-by-step guide to create a flaky and flavorful crust that will leave you craving for more.
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With just a few simple ingredients you can make your own homemade pie crust that will fill all your pie making needs. This recipe is so forgiving and turns out perfect every time. This recipe makes two pie crusts which is enough for two single crust pies or one double crust pie. This is the only pie crust recipe you'll ever need.

Monica Luther Sauer
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This Chicago Deep Dish Pizza is without a doubt, the best in the world! With it's flaky, buttery deep dish crust, layers of ooey gooey cheeses and customizable toppings, and a thick layer of the most flavourful tomato sauce — no other pizza compares!

Sharilyn Christensen