Bug repellent

Keep pesky bugs at bay with these effective bug repellent ideas. Enjoy your outdoor activities without the nuisance of insects and mosquitoes. Try these tips and enjoy a pest-free experience!
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Whether you are scared of spiders or just hate the idea of them in your home discover some amazingly easy ways to get rid of spiders and other bugs from your home fast. Learn how to make homemade DIY spider repellent from ingredients you probably already have in you pantry. Frugal cheap bug killers and bug repellents so you can rest easy and sleep at night.

Diana Rodriguez
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NOTE: This article is my recipe for a bug repellant stick balm. You could also use the essential oils in a lotion or a spray as well. Keep those insects away! We have yellow jackets. TONS of them! We also deal with mosquitoes. There are bees, flies, and other crazy flying insects here in

This natural herbal spray will repel mosquitoes, flies and other annoying bugs and stop you getting bitten this summer. Outdoor, Gardening, Homemade Mosquito Repellent For Skin, Homemade Bug Repellent, Mosquito Repellent Homemade, Bug Repellent Spray, Mosquito Repellent Spray, Homemade Bug Spray, Mosquito Repellent

Keep pesky mosquitoes, flies, gnats and other bugs away with this easy to make herbal bug repellent spray. It's made from garden herbs and contains no dangerous chemicals but works better than anything bought in the store.

Pat Schline