British colonial bedroom

Create an elegant and timeless British colonial bedroom with these top ideas. Transform your space into a serene oasis that exudes sophistication and charm.
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Have you ever visited the home of a passionate traveller? You’re likely to have found their collection of décor items to be eclectic, unique, and thought provoking, each one a memento from a far-flung place serving as a reminder of the memories they made on their trips. British Colonial is a style of interior decorating that takes the concept of bringing your travels home by elevating it to the next level. The basis and forerunner for the much-loved Hamptons style, British Colonial Style is…

Ana María Nanita Dujarric
Eye For Design: Tropical British Colonial Interiors This room is inspired by Ralph Lauren and is just plain beautiful. Home Décor, Bedrooms, Home Interior Design, Interior, Tropical Home Decor, Tropical Decor, Home Decor, Decoracion De Interiores, Colonial Bedroom

I fell in love with this style when I vacationed in Barbados several years ago and stayed at Sam Lord's Castle, the former home of actual pirate Sam Lord, who lured ships aground by hanging lanterns in the coconut trees. Captains mistook the lights for the nearby port city of Bridgetown and ran their ships into the reefs. Sam and his men then promptly looted them. This beautiful plantation was decorated in authentic West Indies British Colonial style and couldn't help capturing my heart…

Allison Begley