Bridesmaids responsibilities list

As a bridesmaid, it's important to know your responsibilities. Discover the complete list of duties and ensure you fulfill your role in making the bride's special day unforgettable.
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So your best friend's boyfriend popped the question - then it was her turn! You were SO excited to be her maid of honor until you realized you have no idea what that entails. Sure, you get to shop for for cute dresses and get your hair done together on the big day but surely there are more responsibilities than that, right? As the maid of honor, and as a bridesmaid for that matter, you have the all important job of helping ensure your besties best day ever is just that.

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As I realized from our " Guest List in 30 Seconds ," many of you are more visual just like me! So just for you, I have been brainstorming ideas on how to turn many different blog posts into visuals instead! So today we are talking about bridesmaids. Now, don't just go and hand this visu

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Being a bridesmaid can be both a lot of fun and a lot of work. What does a bridesmaid do? Here's a complete list of everything a bridesmaid is responsible for.

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This past month, we partnered with Personal Creations to bring you guys the ultimate checklist for bridesmaids everywhere! Being a bridesmaid sometimes gets a bad rep. Ugly dresses, tons of responsibility, even more money, etc. I like to think of that as in the past though. Brid

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So, you're the MOH; what a compliment! Being named the right-hand woman is quite a testament to your character. You are organized, loyal, and reliable enough for the bride to trust you as her voice of reason. She will, no doubt, turn to you in happy moments and in sad, and it's your job to know how to handle it all, so we’ve compiled this list of maid of honor duties! Chances are you know your bride inside and out, so you'll know best when to chime in and when to hold back, but she will…

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