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15 Brilliant and Unique Breakfast Recipe Ideas. Roundup by Plating Pixels. 15 breakfast recipes that will question the way you think about food. Want pizza for breakfast? Tahini and date shake? Mango and blueberry cobbler? Bacon and egg cornbread muffins? How about a chocolate and raspberry grilled cheese? (yep you just read that right) - Bacon Breakfast, What's For Breakfast, Breakfast Brunch Recipes, Breakfast Dishes, Bacon Brunch, Brunch Food, Recipes Dinner, Tahini, Breakfast Specials

Who's ready for 15 Brilliant and Unique Breakfast Recipe Ideas? This 15 breakfast recipe roundup will make you question the way you think about food. Matcha green tea in a waffle, PB&J overnight oats, tahini and date shake, carnitas breakfast tacos, eggnog waffles, s'mores frappe, bacon and egg cornbread muffins... just to name a few. How

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Buttery slices of brioche bread and fresh blueberry maple syrup make this recipe a total showstopper! While it's a little more work than most breakfast casseroles, it's totally worth it! This Brioche French Toast with Blueberry Compote is a great recipe for a lazy Saturday, Christmas morning, or anytime you want to make breakfast extra special!

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