Bread slicer

Upgrade your bread slicing skills with these top bread slicer ideas. Discover the best tools and techniques for perfectly sliced bread every time.
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No matter what you need to cut, this foldable slicer can make it happen. From loaves of bread to cake, you can quickly and easily get perfectly even slices with one swift cut of a knife. The bread slicer quickly adjusts to accommodate 4 different kinds of slices. Simply expand or retract the slicing board …

Jim McKnight
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Slicing a bread loaf is easy enough but doing it perfectly can be a tall order for most. This is because the slices don’t end up uniform when done freehand or you end up with more bread crumbs than actual slices. For this reason, the bread slicer was invented.Our current favorite is the Kitchen Naturals slicer (available here) a beautiful bamboo slicer with 3 size options and a built in knife holder, making it our best bread slicer.Not Much Time? Skip To What You'd Like To Learn...Why Buy…