Boss man

Elevate your leadership skills and become the ultimate boss man. Discover effective tips and strategies to lead with confidence and achieve success in your professional life.
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"Nobody knew what was coming..." ~ Santiago De Luca leader of the De Luca famigila at the age of 32 the CEO of a successful business at day and while at night the most powerful and feared mafia boss other wise known as the mafia king. He shows no emotion and believes that women are a distraction but he doesn't sleep around. Despite his beliefs he never disrespects women and was raised to be a gentleman to the right woman. When he meets Aria White he starts to doubt himself. Aria White at the…

Rebecca Kilburn
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Lexi: 17 Sweet, caring, beautiful Blake: 38 Cruel, cold, billionaire " Blake I- I think we should stop, your my best friends dad" " tell me this then Lexi why does it feel so right, the way your body responds to me I know you want me" Why do bad things always feel so good