Bookshelf in kitchen

Transform your kitchen into a stylish and functional space with a bookshelf. Discover unique ideas to add personality and organization to your culinary haven.
DIY BOOKSHELF- Made from all closet doors!!!! See how to make this piece for practically free!! Diy Furniture, Home Décor, Ikea, Home, Diy Kitchen Storage Shelves, Kitchen Bookshelf, Bookshelves Diy, Kitchen Bookcase, Diy Kitchen Storage

I'm so excited about this reveal!! For the longest time now, I would say 8 months, I have wanted a piece of furniture in this little awkward spot that splits our kitchen/dining area & our upstairs living room. & Mr. LMB made the best piece custom just for the spot! Seriously... can we all say it at the same time? 'You are the best Mr. LMB!' I tell him that everyday, but I can't say it enough. Anyways, he made this custom piece out of, wait for it..... OLD CLOSET PARTS! Yes, this lovely…

Liz Marie
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(image source) While this home has plenty of yard and basement space, unfortunately it sorely lacks on pantry and closet space. The pantry could fit one human inside with no room to lift your arms, which is confusing to me considering the rest of the home is such an open and spacious layout! We have

Emine Sahin