Bmw isetta

Explore the classic BMW Isetta, a legendary microcar that redefined urban mobility. Learn about its unique features and why it remains a symbol of automotive innovation.
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In the early 1950s, the Italian company Iso SpA was manufacturing motor scooters and three-wheeled trucks, amongst other things, and decide that it wanted to offer a small car to be offered to the masses. In 1952, the company released a small car that ran off of a motorcycle engine that had a design unlike...

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When BMW undertook the manufacturing of Renzo Rivolta’s Isetta in 1955, the firm incorporated some changes. The drivetrain was redesigned to use their 247 cubic centimeter four-cycle motorcycle engine. The gearbox output was coupled to a shaft through a rubber universal joint, which led, through another rubber joint, to the chain case. Inside were double drive chains running in oil to the solid rear axle. This arrangement made the whole power unit much quieter and reduced vibration. In fact…