Black construction paper art

Explore the endless possibilities of black construction paper art. Get inspired by these unique ideas to create stunning and expressive artworks that showcase the beauty of this versatile medium.
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DIY Construction Paper Solar Prints: On a camping trip with our new Cub Scout troop and their families, one of the projects that was done while we were there was to meet Elective 12a, making solar prints as part of the Nature Crafts Elective that we were trying to fulfill while on this…

Mary Gilkerson
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The day before my sixth-grade art lesson on Rene Magritte, our printer broke. I hadn’t yet printed out the pictures of each student, despite that I had taken pictures a month earlier. Gah. So I improvised last minute and taught the same art principles using a simplified project. Here’s how it went down. We read Mike ... [Read more...]