Learn how to let go of bitterness and find inner peace. Discover practical tips and strategies to cultivate forgiveness and live a happier, more fulfilling life.
beautiful.bizarre exhibition ‘Bitter | Sweet’ @ 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace Pop Surrealism, Beautiful Bizarre, Lowbrow Art, Arte Obscura, Creepy Art, Creepy Cute, Horror Art, Surreal Art, Pretty Art

beautiful.bizarre exhibition ‘Bitter | Sweet’

The upcoming beautiful.bizarre curated exhibition 'Bitter | Sweet' will open in March at 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace on the Gold Coast, Australia. Featuring the best new contemporary artists from Australian and around the world, many of whom we are honoured to bring to Australia for the first time! "Good/bad, win/loss, strong/weak, bitter/sweet: These are seemingly dichotomous elements in which we prescribe opposing value. One we seek, the other we deride and avoid. The idea that we can…

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