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Immerse yourself in the captivating universe of the Bioshock series. Discover the thrilling gameplay, intricate storytelling, and unforgettable characters that make this series a must-play for gamers of all genres.
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About this item The City in the Sky - Leave the depths of Rapture to soar among the clouds of Columbia. The flying city is a beautiful and vibrant world that holds a very dark secret. Unlikely Mission - Set in 1912 former Pinkerton agent Booker DeWitt must rescue a mysterious girl from the sky-city of Columbia or never leave it alive. Tear Through Time - Open Tears in time and space to shape the battlefield and turn the tide in combat by pulling weapons and other resources out of thin air…

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“I had thought you some golem of Sinclair's, brought here to hold Rapture's arms as he rifles through her pockets. But no… you are aware of your plight. Who, I wonder, would be so cruel? To force a mirror on a man with no face…” ― Sofia Lamb[src] Subject Delta (Symbol: Δ) is the protagonist of BioShock 2. Delta was the first successful Big Daddy subject bonded to a Little Sister. He has a Delta symbol on his suit, which is the fourth letter in the Greek alphabet, signifying Delta was the…