Big Hero 6

Immerse yourself in the thrilling adventures of Big Hero 6. Discover the top ideas and inspirations from this beloved animated movie. Join the journey of Hiro and his friends as they embrace their inner superheroes.
Hiro Hamada is the main protagonist of the Big Hero 6 film franchise adaptation. He is the leader and founder of the superhero team Big Hero 6. Disney, Character Design, Disney Animation, Cartoon Characters, Animated Characters, Cartoon Character Design, Cute, Hero, Heroes

Guys, the city needs us. We were the ones who decided to be superheroes. Now's the time to be super.Hiro Hiro Hamada (浜田 (はまだ) 尋 (ひろ) , Hamada Hiro?) is the overall main protagonist of the Big Hero 6 franchise, as well as the leader of the Big Hero 6 organization. Hiro is a half-Japanese, half-American boy who was raised with his older brother Tadashi in the city of San Fransokyo by their aunt Cass, following the death of their parents when Hiro was only 3 years old. Their home also served…

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