Betty crocker blueberry pie

Indulge in the sweet and tangy flavors of blueberry pie with these mouthwatering recipes by Betty Crocker. Try out these easy-to-make recipes and treat your taste buds to a burst of blueberry goodness.
A simple pie like this easy fresh blueberry pie is often a forgotten dessert but one that will bring raves. Pie Recipes, Pie, Desserts, Salisbury, Cake, Dessert, Pastry, Pie Crust, Homemade Pie

Our Classic Blueberry Pie is a great way to celebrate summer. Plus, it’s a from-scratch recipe that’s easier than you might think—unlike other fruit pie recipes, a blueberry pie doesn’t require any fussy peeling or pitting, but it’s still just as delicious! When choosing your blueberries, look for a pint of berries that are uniform in size and have smooth exteriors. If you can't find fresh blueberries, frozen blueberries will work just as well in this recipe. Another tip? Eliminate some…

Roberta Laptas
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Juicy blueberries shine in this state fair-winning pie that couldn’t be easier to make! The crust is super simple when you start with Pillsbury™ pie crusts, and the filling only requires a few ingredients. Plus, our quick instructions for cute decorative pie cutouts will help you impress every guest at your next party—only you’ll know how easy it really is!