Best stuffing recipe

Discover the best stuffing recipe for your Thanksgiving feast. These delicious and easy recipes will elevate your holiday meal and leave your guests wanting more.
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A traditional recipe for Homemade Stuffing made with dried bread cubes mixed with onions and celery sauteed in plenty of butter then mixed with herbs and broth (and more butter) and baked until golden and delicious! It is the perfect stuffing recipe for your Thanksgiving table! Can easily be doubled for a crowd.

Dana Coulston MacDonald
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I love this traditional Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipe! It is easy, has the BEST buttery flavor, and the most irresistible crispy edges. Celery and onions are put together with all the herbs you love, sing it with me now: parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme. Sometimes you just want it to taste exactly like grandma's. This recipe is it!

Tee G