Beautiful orchids

Transform your home with the beauty of orchids. Discover stunning ideas to incorporate these captivating flowers into your decor and create a serene and elegant ambiance.
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Orchids are an incredibly unique and fascinating group of plants. Many people can identify a Phalaenopsis (moth orchid) or Cattleya (the old corsage orchids), but the question often is asked, “What makes an orchid an orchid?” Orchids have some morphological (physical) traits that make them stand out from other plant families. In orchids, many of their floral parts come in groups of three.

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Thinking of adding some orchids to your gardening space or home landscape? There are many different types of orchids, all of which have big, beautiful blooms. In this article, flower and garden expert Taylor Sievers examines 47 different orchid varieties with their names and pictures, to help you find the perfect bloom for your garden.

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If you're looking for "insider information" on intermediate or advanced Phalaenopsis care (how to grow species, and those summer/warm blooming fragrant phals) you've found the right place. I've also included visual guide to spiking and blooming phalaenopsis orchids by subgenus and section