Beach rocks crafts

Discover unique and creative craft ideas using beach rocks. Get inspired to create beautiful and decorative items for your home or as gifts for your loved ones.

After a trip to the beach, many people will come home with a few seashells. Seashells can be used as beautiful accessories in your home, but they must be cleaned properly first. You must remove all sand, dirt, and other yucky stuff before putting them on display. Many people also like to bleach seashells for a different look and/or polish or paint them to make them extra special. Here are the step by step instructions for how to clean and polish seashells so you can display them in your…

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This fun DIY pebble pot tutorial by The lockdown tinker on YouTube is a multipurpose craft that you can make easily with a few simple steps and materials. You can use this as a fruit bowl, or as a lovely pot. Make yourself a few or several of these by following the instructions down below.

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