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Rum baba (baba au rum), this classic yeast bundt cake soaked in delicious rum syrup, decorated with a light vanilla bean whipped mascarpone frosting is the ultimate brioche-like boozy dessert! My rum baba recipe is super fluffy and moist and the rum-based soaking syrup makes it even creamier without making it soggy. An easy and light vanilla bean mascarpone frosting is added on top making the baba rum cakes even more luxurious and creamy.

Holy Man from Delhi Gangadas Baba II | by Mario Gerth Photography Barba Grande, Old Man Portrait, Yoga Studio Design, Skull Face, Interesting Faces, World Cultures, Indigenous Peoples, People Around The World, Beautiful People

The Holy Men I have been obsessed for many years and set of early 2013 to look for them: In hidden temples of crowded Delhi, on the bench of the holy river Ganga in Varanasi and close to the Himalaya mountains in Nepal. And I found them. Sadhus renounces his earthly life, all his worldly attachments, leaves home and family, and takes on the lifestyle of an ascetic. As part of this renunciation, they also leave behind their clothes, food and shelter, and live on the generosity of others…

Amelita Dobrai