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Bunker, The Bar You Hang Out After The Apocalypse | Bored Panda Industrial Style, Toilet, Bar Interior, Bar Interior Design, Toilet Design, Bar Design Restaurant, Bar Design, Remodel, Bathroom Design

Bunker is set into a post-apocalyptic future, where not much has left of the world as we know it. Territories are controlled by clans, the world is wrapped into clouds of ash and toxic gases, rivers are polluted, cities destroyed. In the evenings the bar turns into one of the most popular, as well as one of the most guarded hangout spots in district X (former Murska Sobota, Slovenia), where the survivors clans of the apocalypse from near and far are gathering.

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Black Barn is an innovative interior design project that is inspired by the concept of blending modern minimalism with rustic charm. This project is characterized by the use of natural materials such as wood, stone, and metal, which are combined with sleek, contemporary finishes to create a timeless design aesthetic.