Ballroom shoes

Step up your dance game with elegant ballroom shoes that will make you shine on the dance floor. Find the perfect pair for your next dazzling performance and take your dance moves to the next level.
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DANCE SHOES We have a large selection of high quality ballroom dance shoes, and Latin ballroom dance shoes that are flexible, durable and reliable. Our selection of dance shoes are from world known brands such as Art Sport by Ray Rose of England, Supadance of England, International Dance Shoes of England, Dance Naturals dance shoes of Italy, Werner Kern Dance Shoes from Germany, and Capezio Dance Shoes of USA. All of our dance shoes are hand made with…

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Many people think that Ballroom and Latin dance shoes are the same. These dance styles are different in many ways, so it is no surprise that shoes differ too. Dance shoes are made with purpose, and they are made specifically for each dance style. This article will reveal the main differences between Latin and Ballroom dance shoes and how to choose them wisely.

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